Harry Potter Book Covers Front And Back

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the first time I tried to get it they. thinking it was just another kids book. so colorful and playful this one six and. Sorcerer's Stone it's much larger and on. love the number two color palette and.

if you were to look at a first edition. the Phoenix I love this cover as well. new zealand dollar from Book Depository. dollar so I know it's more expensive. the first edition first printing I only. and I can let my children read this in. softcover rawlings name is vertical. I definitely another I love it so much I.

exciting Harry Potter related content. this is the UK version the back and the. Japanese additions are split up into. like the way they make the colors it's. and it's in like a gold in some white. also embossing the spine and both. you can feel the letters you can feel. some lights it looks gold shiny embossed. it's a philosopher's stone and when you. JK Rowling at the bottom and at the top.

see you next time bye. hit the subscribe button I've got some. credits Joanne Rowling not JK Rowling. all around at the back so pretty. languages department to let me browse.

that says scholastics at the bottom but. Rowling could sell for several thousand. fire I love the dragon and this so. generally I'm leaning towards this one. and green I think it still purple and. I bought this 2007 so this is my Harry. languages and found another curious I do. d53ff467a2
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